Espazo Compartido programme at the University of A Coruña applies a methodology based on “Design for All”, where students receive instruction through strategies that fit their way of learning, creating an individualized person-centered work plan with permanent support.

Espazo Compartido expects persons with cognitive disabilities to fully participate in community and university spirit for the purpose of promoting the development of their capacities and the acquisition of basic social and working skills.

The teaching team consists of specialists with professionals with proven experience in the field of care for people with disabilities and attention to diversity. The programme also has the support of technicians linked to the Asociación Down Coruña.

Academic Programme

Classes are held in-person at the Campus Elviña of the University of A Coruña, distributed between the Faculty of Education, the Xoana Capdevielle Building and the Servicios Centrales de Investigación Building.

The programme consists of two years. Classes consist of theoretical and practical content that are provided by two teachers per classroom, accompanying students in their learning process throughout the academic year.

The structure of the programme is as follows:

First Year


  • University Inclusion – Knowledge of services and processes necessary to develop training in the university area.
  • Personal Development I – Enhancing self-awareness and strengthening self-esteem. Training in social skills.
  • Communication and language – Usage of verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Understanding and analysis of formal and informal texts.
  • Reflection and self-learning I – Enhancing self-awareness, motivation and improvement. Strengthening the ability to identify barriers through participation.


  • New Technologies for employment I – Basic knowledge of computers and new technologies focused on employment. Using internet as a self-educational mechanism.
  • Preparation for employment I – Identifying professional motivation, tools for good job performance and using of communication in the workplace. Knowledge of labour law and employment channels.
  • Mathematics for employment I – Knowledge of basic arithmetic, promoting attention and memory and the ability to apply mathematics to the exercise of work.
  • Reflection and self-learning II – Enhancing self-awareness, motivation and improvement. Strengthening the ability to identify barriers through participation.

Second Year


  • Preparation for employment II – Acquisition of skills necessary for employment. Learning for the Prevention of Occupational Risks. Developing an appropriate communication system in working environment.
  • Personal Development II – Development of social skills in both personal and work environments. Support in the transition to adulthood. Enhancing personal initiative, participation and decision making.
  • Mathematics for employment II – Managing of logical-mathematical items and reasoning for employment and everyday situations. Troubleshooting and basics of statistics.
  • New Technologies for employment II – Improving the management of computers and new technologies focused on employment. Safe and responsible management of the Internet and social networks.


Students who pass the contents of the first semester will join:

First Professional Steps

This programme consists of two stages. In the first one, students will receive theoretical training in the classroom, to focus on the most important aspects of work preparation towards joining a job.

In the second stage, students will go on internships in companies, where they will have the opportunity to get to know first-hand the daily reality of a workplace and testing the skills acquired.

Once the First Professional Steps Programme finishes, the students’ final assessment will be done and those who pass will receive the Espazo Compartido academic certification.